Elegant Solid 185gsm

We present to you the Essential Solid range of polyester backdrops that are amazing in quality and extremely affordable. This special backdrop has been created after months of research and the development of a special fabric. This fabric is woven and not knit, unlike other polyester backdrops. While knit polyester fabrics are see-through and transparent due to being knitted.

Our polyester backdrops are woven and that makes them completely opaque. This helps the backdrop absorb light much better and makes it non-reflective. We have also given the fabric a special treatment that makes it even softer than cotton and eliminates the shine that most other polyester backdrops have.

The backdrop is mill dyed with the highest quality dyes. In fact, it is our patented dyeing process that ensures consistent colour and accuracy. The fabric is woven instead of being knitted, which ensures that the fabric does not stretch to become transparent, which is the biggest con of using knitted lekera or lycra backdrops.